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Security Guards

In order to be able to offer professional and consistent services to our customers, we must have the expertise and offer various safety and security services products. In fact, efficient internal organization, on site post orders, ongoing training and a rich and varied expertise provide to our clients confidence and trust.


We recruit the best guards available in our industry and take good care to train them well since they are the image of our company.


Our security guards are involved in flooding or fire events. They must prevent access to restricted areas and respond to first aid situations. If some incidents occur (theft, burglary, fire) they apply the instructions received and call immediately the proper emergency services (police, ambulance, fireman). Our guards guards comply with security measures established and must be able to enforce to any individuals with whom they interact. They record their observations on a daily report after each shift.


Our promise to provide our clients with professional security services is one of our PRIORITIES!