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Our investigation department is composed with retired police investigators with great experience and essential knowledge.


Our investigators also work in collaboration with various contacts in the investigation industry and they use cutting edge technology tools.


Here are some services offered to our customers:


Corporate services
- Claim following a work accident;
- Disability;
- Unjustified worker absences;
- Tailing and surveillance (in-house theft), time-use;
- Double agent infiltration (union, sabotage, drugs);
- Discreet surveillance of warehouses, 24/7;
- Polygraph (lie detector);
- Electronic scanning;
- Background screenings (packages available);
- Discreet protection of residences (management).


Services to individuals
- Infidelity affairs (tailing);
- Suspicious attendance;
- Questionable acquaintances (adolescents and drugs);
- Missing persons;


Confidentiality guaranteed.

Discretion, honesty, loyalty – That is our company motto.