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About Us

Founded in 2009 by experts from the private & public security industry, we are thoroughly satisfied to have achieved our goals until now. Over the past few years, our team was able to establish and maintain a high level of professionalism in our industry while always maintaining our values and our integrity. Proud of our success, we are anxious to continue to provide personalized top quality services while establishing a trusting relationship with our customers.


To achieve our main goals that are quality and professionalism, we are pleased to be supported by a team of retired police investigators combined with skilled administrators coming from the private security industry which add to our company a rich experience and total dedication. It is our greatest assets to provide complete satisfaction to our employees, business partners and especially to our customers.


Here are some services provided by TRIMAX SECURITY

  • Security guard services (guarding)
  • Mobile patrol services and alarm response
  • Bodyguards
  • Loss prevention
  • Investigation services and pre-employment verification
  • Monitoring
  • TRIMAX SECURITY academy - TSA (coming soon)



At TRIMAX SECURITY, ethics is a fundamental concern. Altough applied, ethics promotes hard work and attention to details.


Since we never have a second chance to make a good first impression, we have to ensure to make every client feel like unique and entitled the same quality service as the previous one.


Our Ethic code also aims to :

  • Affirm the values that guide our actions
  • Remind employees about their rights and ensure compliances
  • Sensitize employees to their responsabilities

We make sure to provide to our clients a very competent and consistent security services and are commited to:

  • Respect of established costs and schedules interventions
  • Effective tools and cutting-edge technology
  • Offer a reactive and proactive team available at all time
  • An effective customer service and a dedicated representative

TRIMAX SECURITY carefully analyzes and studies your needs according to your specifications. Whether you are an individual, a business or a community, a customized solution will be the most efficient way to meet your expectations.


In a world where violence and insecurity are everywhere, we offer you our knowledge and expertise. We releasing you from all security and safety concerns!